Perth Soap & Skin Cream Workshops

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Soap Making Workshop

A hands-on workshop where you go through the whole process of making your own kilo (7 blocks) of botanical soap with olive, coconut, palm, almond, sunflower & bran oils using the cold-process traditional method with many choices of scent and effects. Any one who is creative, practical, crafty or is into healthy options will love it!  All is included in fee & as always you take what you make + your manual and more!

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Moisturiser Making Workshop

You will be making your own  4 jars (as above) using fresh oils and coco butter, plant-based ingredients in this workshop.  You can use the same process learnt to make lighter lotions or smooth body butters.  As in all workshops you will be directed to wholesale and local suppliers for ingredients and packaging giving you a wider range of choice at best prices. 
* Suitable for vegetarians

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Creating your own synergy Scents +Bonus Lip Balms

You don't need to be a movie star - In this class you combine and make your own two signature scents. You also receive a detailed manual for blending showing how different essential oils affect our moods and how you can utilise them to benefit your family, scent your home and massage oils etc.  Luscious natural lip balms are also yours to make and require no preservatives and many flavours to choose from.

* Buy a friend a Gift Voucher on the 'Online Payments' page