Soap Making & Botanical Skincare Workshops

  ... presented by Delerius Creations in Perth WA

Customer Testimonials

Thankyou Anneli for your course, i have finally pursued a passion I've had for many years and you have given me the confidence to start something for myself that brings me joy. You are a caring and compassionate soul. Miriam

Hi Anneli, Thanks you again so much for the Moisturisers making workshop on June 2017. I like the workshop and I learn a lot from you during the workshop. Been in the kitchen and creating hand made soaps and moisturiser creams, I enjoy the workshop training. Thank for the good job Anneli may God bless you. Kind regards, Fallah

Kind regards, Fallah 15.12.17

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Hello Anneli, thank you for a fun and informative soap making workshop, we had a great morning you have given me the confidence to create my own soaps I learnt alot from you. Thank you again!

Regards, Lydia S - 20.1.18