Perth Soap & Skin Cream Workshops

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Client Testimonials

Anneli is a great, friendly instructor and very informative . Had a lots of fun in the soap making workshop. Highly recommend her.
Sandra Albin 2.3.2020

Great experience and fun! Anneli is fantastic and very knowledgeable, it was a really interesting to learn about the saponification process and mix with amazing oil essences.
Definitely recommended 👍
Giuseppe Bucca 3.3.2020

Anneli is a great source of important information, she knows so much about what soap-making ingredients do and how to put them together to make wonderful soap, moisturiser, shampoo, conditioner, lip gloss and just ask her what else she can make, I'm sure there's more ..... she's very entertaining and you can rely on her for a good laugh whilst you learn how to make the best soap for a fraction of the price you pay in the stores! And you can still ask her later on for more good advice, (most of the information is given in print form for you to take home.) Anneli is most helpful, I highly recommend her workshops!
Eliza Frey 28.2.2020

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

This creative studio is a gem...I went with friends, we were welcomed into this beautiful space with tea. We learned the art of soaps, played with colour and aroma and reconnected with ourselves. We will back! thankyou Anneli >:D<

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd