Soap Making & Botanical Skincare Workshops

Perth WA - 24/7 Booking Service txt 043 1142 565 & just pay on the day!

 About the Workshops

When?  Workshops are often held weekly so just text to get yourself booked in
Where?  Studio in Spearwood which is only 7km's from Fremantle (Perth, Western Australia) and occasionally in local community or TAFE Adult Education centres
Why?  To provide a learning and creative experience that provides healthy alternatives for those wanting to avoid unnecessary chemicals. Learning to make your own bodycare products can also save you money & you will be able to make them as gifts. Designed to enhance your life and creativity. 
For who?  All workshops are designed for beginners as a fun and informative learning experience, much like Adult Education classes but older children also welcome. 
They are for anyone who is willing, crafty, arty, practical... or who just likes to make stuff!

Other things you may wish to know...  & feel free to call with any questions
  • GROUP & PARTY BOOKINGS are also welcome as private events and you can utilise the balcony and adjoining room for your drinks and food. The workshop can be arranged to suit your budget and groups needs for events like Hens Parties, get together for the Girls or Birthday celebrations - just contact me with details for a quote.

  • GIFT MAKING - These products make great handcrafted gifts which always mean more because you made it with your own hands!  You can tailor make for friends using their favourite scents and colours.

  • GIFT VOUCHERS are available as beautiful cards. They provide a long lasting skill and experience for all creative souls, cooks, craft lovers, anyone interested in health, avoiding chemicals, sustainable living, bath and beauty or anyone researching for a potential business for themselves. Once purchased the lucky recipient can book into a time that suits them. They are available by contacting us or from the Online Payments page and we make sure the recipient has a wonderful time!

  • OUR AIM - We are going to make your experience worthwhile and our aim is to empower you to make bath and skincare products that are nourishing, non-toxic and environmentally sustainable. These workshops are a bit of a secret, because they are not marketed with high profile campaigns... and who would think it would be so easy to make these products. 

This is a timeless, traditional art that you'll enjoy for many years to come.  So if you want to make your own skincare products and know exactly what's in it - then these workshops are for you!

Answers to some common questions...
  • These workshops are suitable for beginners - No previous experience is required
  •  You will learn by 'doing' so it doesn't matter how old you are or if your english is not fluent & older children are welcome too!
  • Classes are also often small,  often just one which is fine because I always enjoy the experience of meeting like-minded folk and seeing them enjoy being creative and learning something new!
  • Just bring yourself - everything is supplied (equipment, ingredients & refreshments) included in the workshop fee
  • Workshops generally run for 2.5 hours unless otherwise noted
  • You will initially receive confirmation of address and details at booking and then a reminder text 48hrs before the workshop
  • It is advised you wear older clothes and low heeled shoes. It's not too messy but aprons are provided
  • You will receive a detailed instruction manual to keep for future reference & a list of suppliers for a wide variety of choice
  • If you have any problems after the class you can contact us for advice - we all learn from each other
  • In the workshops you will be making your own product from beginning to the end with inexpensive equipment so you can achieve the same results in your own kitchen at home without it costing you a fortune
  • At the workshops we also cover packaging, storage and labeling options and requirements and presentation of your products
  • You will take home all that you have made and most likely a little gift!
  • If you want to use animal products (eg. goatsmilk, emu oil) in your products this is also covered in the workshops
  • If you wish to change the consistencies of your skin creams to either lotions or body butters it is covered in the workshop