Soap Making Workshops

   ...and more held in Perth, Western Australia

Botanical Skincare Workshops we offer...

Soap Making Workshops

You will be making 1 kilo of soap and just guided through the cold-process method of weighing out all your ingredients of fresh coconut, olive, sweet almond, sunflower and bran oils then choosing your own scents from a wide range and colours as you go. Hands-on is the best way to learn and you don't need to speak fluent english. You will be given your own detailed manual to keep. It includes where you can buy the ingredients at wholesale and retail prices so you have the widest range of choice at the cheapest prices.  Botanical soap is creamy, gently nourishing and the method is similar to making a cake!

Optional - Make a batch of Melt & Pour soap for an extra $10

WORKSHOPS run 10am-12:30pm

13/1/18, 27/1/18, 3/2/18, 10/2/18, 17/2/18

3/3/18, 10/3/18, 17/3/18 more dates will be added. Just call for more details or to book a date.

Moisturiser Workshops

You will never pay ridiculous prices for quality moisturisers again because in this workshop you will learn how to make natural moisturiser with fresh plant oils like sweet almond, coconut oil and cocoa butter and learn how you can create body butters or lighter lotions with your own recipes to suit your needs into a lotion or body butter.

This workshop is very informative and can save you money and help you avoid the many hazardous ingredients found in moisturisers today - you will know exactly what is in yours when you make your own... and it's easy when you know how!

WORKSHOPS run 10am-12:30pm

Sat 27th January 2018

Sat 24th March 2018

More dates will be added, just call for details

Scent & Lip Balm Workshops

The aim of this hands-on workshop is that you can go home and confidently make lip and perfume balms in your own kitchen without any expensive equipment.
You will create two of your own unique scent blends and integrate it into a balm base.  In your workshop manual, which is yours to keep, is a comprehensive blending guide indicating the many benefits of essential oils on your emotional state and ways to integrate them to enrich your daily life, health and mood. You will also make some pots of delicious natural lip balm with plant oils like sweet almond, cacao butter, bees wax and a choice of mouthwatering flavours.

WORKSHOPS run 10am-12:30pm
Sat 24th February 2018
More dates will be added, just call for details

  • Workshops are all priced the same at $125 (unless discounted)
  • Just bring yourself - we supply everything (equipment and ingredients including the all important - tea & coffee!)
  • It is advised you wear older clothes and sensible shoes, aprons are provided
  • Workshops generally run for 2 hours & 30 minutes at my lovely studio in Spearwood (as pictured here)
  • You will receive a detailed instruction manual to keep for future reference and a list of suppliers for a wide variety of choice and prices
  • In the classes you will be making your own product from beginning to the end, so you can achieve the same result in your own kitchen at home
  • Workshops are designed for adults and suitable for beginners  - but you are welcome to bring younger people to participate under supervision
  •  Ideal for anyone creative, cooks, craft lovers, or interested in health, sustainable living, bath and beauty or just 'making things'
  • You will learn how to make natural bodycare products using natural, plant-based ingredients in your selected workshop from scratch and be guided through the whole process - beginning to end with more advice on packaging and labeling as well as the option to call for advice if you need to know more!
  • How to add design elements - such as colour and scent
  • How to formulate your own unique recipes
  • You will take home what you have made and a gift!

We're going to make your experience fun and our aim is to empower you to make bath and beauty products that are sustainable, using natural botanical ingredients and let you know where you can get them at wholesale prices.  These workshops are a bit of a secret, because they are not marketed with high profile campaigns. I run them as a hobby because I enjoy it! ... and who'd know that it can be so accessible to learn to to make this stuff at home. 

This is a timeless, traditional art that you'll enjoy for many years to come.  So if you've always wanted to make your own fresh botanical bodycare and know exactly what's in it - then these workshops are for you!