Soap Making & Botanical Skincare Workshops

  ... presented by Delerius Creations in Perth WA

Dates & Deals

Workshops listed below are scheduled but other booking times can be organised to suit your availability, just call 043 1142 565

Soap Making Workshop

Every Saturday - 10am-12:30pm:

Make your own 1 litre or 7 blocks of botanical soap from start to finish.

* BONUS OFFER - Learn to make Melt & Pour Soap for just an extra $10 on the day

Moisturiser Workshop

First Sunday of every month
Feb 4th, Mar 4th, Apr 8th
May 6th, Jun 3rd, Jul 8th etc.
* BONUS OFFER - You make four jars to take home and learn how to make lighter lotions & body butters!

Lip & Perfume Balms

Second Sunday of every month
11th Feb, 11th Mar, 15th Apr
13th May, 10th Jun, 15th Jul etc.
* BONUS OFFER - You create two unique scents! one for day & one for night

Clay Masks & Bath Milks/Salts

Third Sunday of every month
18th Feb, 18th Mar, 22nd Apr
20th May, 17th Jun, 22nd Jul etc.
* BONUS OFFER - You create two jars of all three products!
* GROUP DISCOUNT DEALS you can book a private workshop tailored for your purpose at discounted prices - just contact us with details for a quote
* REFRESHER WORKSHOPS are offered at heavily discounted prices, and of course feel free to call with any questions you may have after a workshop
* PAY ANY WAY you wish, from cash on the day, direct deposit, or online here or at our partners at Eventbrite
* FINANCIALLY STRAPPED? Just call anyway we will see what we can do, we like to see these workshops available to all!