Soap Making & Botanical Skincare Workshops

  ... presented by Delerius Creations in Perth WA

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Soap Making Workshops

A hands-on workshop where you go through the whole process of making one kilo (7 blocks) of botanical soap using the cold-process traditional method with many choices of scent and effects. Any one who is creative, crafty or is into healthy options will love it! 

* Gift Vouchers are also available for purchase for all workshops

Moisturiser Making

You will be making 4 jars as above using natural, plant-based ingredients in this workshop.  You can use the same process learnt to make lighter lotions or heavier body butters.  As in all workshops you will be directed to wholesale and local suppliers for ingredients and packaging giving you a wide range of choice at best prices.

Perfumes & Lip Balms

Be a superstar and make your own signature scents! You also receive a detailed manual for blending showing how different essential oils affect our moods and how you can utilise them in your life and throughout your home and massage oils etc.  Wholesale essential oils make this an affordable luxury for us all!

Bath Salts, Scrubs & Milks - Newsflash!

Cleopatra knew how to keep her complexion gorgeous and you can too!  It is important to exfoliate and gently clean and moisturise your skin... and lets face it we need to pamper ourselves just a little bit!  This is a NEW WORKSHOP so just call to book a date, it is available at the same price as all the others and as usual it is all-inclusive in the fee.  You will come away with lots of products so bring a box!