Soap Making & Moisturiser Workshops

Classes held weekly in Perth WA   ph 043 1142 565

Soap Making Classes (Cold-Process method)

'Let Mother Nature, Nurture You'

You will be making your own litre of soap and be guided through the whole process, selecting your own scents and colours as you go.  It is known that  DOING is the best way to learn and you don't need to speak fluent english. You will be given your own manual to keep which includes details of where you can buy the ingredients at wholesale and retail prices so you have the widest range of choice at the cheapest prices.

We will be using the cold process method with fresh coconut, olive, sweet almond, sunflower and bran oils for a soap that is gently nourishing, cleansing and kind to your skin as it does not strip away your skins natural oils, just any dirt particles and excess oil.